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La Porta is a place that for 20 years has welcomed women and lesbians in search of themselves and in search of healthy relationships through art, encounters, individual and group work, workshops, courses, and seminars – it is a place that fosters moments in which we create and mature our awareness of our unity and of our worth.Ever since 2006 when we began organizing events open to all women, we have had hundreds of women visit and we have experienced the beauty and magic of an ancient environment that is deeply rooted inside every woman, on conscious and subconscious levels, a place that we all desire. We can define it as a long journey freeing ourselves from patriarchal structures and healing from deep wounds that prevent us from accessing a way of life that is more authentic and infinitely richer.

Thanks to the money raised (36,650 euros plus 20,000 euros in private loans) we were able to buy the house and the land, freeing it from the danger of being sold to a hunter who wanted to use it to create a dog farm.

The economic demand for the purchase amounted to 80,000 euros, but we managed to convince the selling party to agree to make the deed with the first 50,000 euros collected and the rest to be paid in installments.

We keep this platform open to continue to collect the donations necessary to repay the debt, to pay the rest of the amount required for the sale, to restore the way to get there and the barn to be made available for collective activities.