About Us

Many women with their work, their ideas, their love for the place have helped to make this land what is today, a land of women who weaves an ancient dream of beauty, spirit and realization.
Here an old and new feminine is rediscovered, regenerated, recreated bringing healing and conscience to its wounded parts, to its almost unfathomable depths. Today this project is carried out by Ana Cuenca, Paula Paredes in collaboration with the association’s members.

Ana Cuenca teaches Internal Alchemy, Qi Gong and is Master Reiki since 2007. She leads groups of personal growth and makes reading of the Tarots of the Rom tradition. She is the author of poems and stories, in 2016 she published “The return of Astarte. Her channeling blog: “the voice of the star”.

Paula Paredes Manailti

enriches this land with the wisdom of shamanic treatments and spiritual healing of the tradition of the indigenous peoples of northern Argentina and the spiritual teachers of the Andes.Her long-standing experience of sanaciones to people and energy limpias of places is also a guide in the conduct of shamanic seminars.