History Of The Place

Since 1998 the house in the woods is inhabited and lived by lesbians and women. The space soon become a meeting place for collectives and networks of political initiatives. In 2006 the cultural association was born.

For years it has been a refuge for artists in progress and also home to the Lesbacce Incolte editions (http://www.women.it/les/case/lesbacce.htm), which have published books about Nicole Brossard, Monique Wittig, (http://www.anacuenca.net) Ana Cuenca and also a lesbian agenda for 1998. The Tribad group (http://www.tribad.org) has used this space to create and record songs, including the 5 titles titled “complot electropoetique”. Many artists have found inspiration for their creativity over the years.

Since 2006 the association organizes activities, events and theme parties every year. From 2012 to 2016 in August the seminars, shows and concerts of the International Lesbian Festival are organized.