Wild Nature

The land that hosts us is immersed in a wild nature. In the woods you can meet fallow deer, deer, wild boar, squirrels, dormice, foxes, snakes, frogs, porcupines, hawks, jays, owls, cuckoos, peaks, etc. and in June it’s full of fireflies!

You can take walks in the many mountain paths marked by the CAI and reach waterfalls and vantage (SCENIC) points. Living in nature means respecting it in all its forms of life: being prudent and loving towards animals and plants. Respecting this, we use and invite the members to use organic soaps and products with low environmental impact as much as possible.


We can get in touch with the subtle energies of the place by listening to our Natural Being. At La Porta you can harmonize your inner journey with the cycles of the seasons and the lunar and stellar influences. Discovering themselves knowing nature and living changes and mutations in a more balanced way. We like that in this place we can take care of ourselves and others and practice and spread sisterhood.