The House

It is a space that contains and sustains the energy of the meeting of women, that every time that happens creates worlds and dimensions. It is a nest in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, a farmhouse from the 1800s, immersed in the depths of the forest. It is about 800 meters and overlooks the valley. It is a place of life and harmony with the environment, which we share with our animals, real teachers for us. We have horses, dogs, cats, a rabbit and two peacocks. You can come to participate in the initiatives or just to relax and enjoy the beauty of the place.

Labante's Caves

It is an ancient place of Water Medicine connected to the feminine and to the fertility and life / death / life cults. Its influence in our land is very large both for its geomantic proximity (1 km) and because many of the stones of the house come from the Caves. In this place of worship in the 60s were found votive statuettes of hermaphrodite people, with male and female attributes united.

Hut of Sweat

Is open to all women who want to purify themselves with the fire of Mother Earth and connect their uterus to the great Cosmic Uterus.

Spirit of the Mountain

It is our Teacher, a Teacher who teaches you to walk even when there is ice in your heart and helps you to enhance every little ray of the Sun.

What is La Porta ?

La Porta is a non-profit cultural association of women and lesbians that was created to promote spirituality, knowledge, wellness, magic, harmony with oneself, with others and with the environment.


History of the Place

Since 1998 the house in the woods is inhabited and lived by lesbians and women. The space soon become a meeting place for collectives and networks of political initiatives. In 2006 the cultural association was born.


Wild Nature

The land that hosts us is immersed in a wild nature. In the woods you can meet fallow deer, deer, wild boar, squirrels, dormice, foxes, snakes, frogs, porcupines, hawks, jays, owls, cuckoos, peaks, etc. and in June it’s full of fireflies!



La Porta is a land of women that welcomes activities, courses and events dedicated to personal growth and spiritual research for women. It is a center of shamanic studies where you can experience the deep connection with the forest and its spirits, with the river and the waterfalls and the animals that live there. For almost 20 years our project has been active on the mountain territory and the network of women supporting it is national and international. In this land you can experience Reiki, Qi-gong and Shaman Dance as healing practices, but you can also participate in the cultivation of the land, festivals and cultural events throughout the year.


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